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We create relationships between entrepreneurs and their children that are deeper and more meaningful than they ever thought possible.

We live in a time when the power of a parent in shaping their child’s future to be most abundant and happy has never been more real.  It has also never been more important.

We live in a world where our children’s social interaction skills have been minimized to 140 characters, education has been reduced to the cow herding auto-pilot philosophy, and most children find it difficult to consider a future past the next level in their favourite video games.

There has never been a better opportunity for entrepreneurial parents from diverse fields and family situations to share ideas, experience, learn and grow together - to reshape their families and redefine what is possible.

Jim has also become a leader in the movement to improve the education system for our children, which is a growing concern in many entrepreneur circles. Through sharing his own family's journey into alternative education and his "Education Matrix", Jim shows parents how to get involved in their children's education without feeling overwhelmed. Jim's approach and tools give parents a roadmap to ensure their kids are learning the most important lessons rarely taught in school.

Oh, and Jim is an avid surfer and enjoys traveling with family and friends, especially his beautiful wife Jamie and their four children, Alden, Leland, Maggie and Sammy. Jim’s greatest adventure to date: donating a kidney to the greatest guy on the planet, his father.

We Believe


  • There is nothing more important than the relationships we create in our life.
  • Trust between a parent and child creates a relationship that is profoundly deeper and more meaningful.
  • A strong parent-child relationship is paramount to a child’s happiness and their ability to create and live an abundant life.
  • A parent is responsible for and must have the tools necessary to nurture, support, and direct their child in that child’s pursuit of happiness and abundance.
  • The future of a child is only as great and meaningful as the tools, resources, and support that a parent is capable of providing.
  • Parents must provide quality one-on-one experiences monthly without the distractions of technology.
  • Experiential education and learning is critical in helping a child realize their best future.
  • A child’s confidence in life comes from a powerful mindset that needs to be tested, nurtured, and guided by a loving parent.
  • Financial empowerment is taught and supported through experiential education and hands-on learning from a young age.
  • Service and contribution to the family and community build children that have a greater appreciation for life and a compassion for others.

The Two Things Your Audience Wants


Speaking with thousands of the most successful entrepreneurs and leaders in the world, Jim has discovered two common desires we all share:

  • A deeper connection with our children and spouse
  • Hope our children will appreciate what they have

Sadly, we often succumb to the pressures of business and we sacrifice key time and connections with our family. While fixated on growing the business, we forget to grow the relationship with our children and our spouse.

As a speaker, author, consultant, and owner of a real estate company with more than $200 million in transactions, his proven methods can be implemented quickly and easily to create connection, trust, and lasting results in our most important relationships.

People refer to Jim as “Crazy Glue” for entrepreneur families. His popular “Board Meeting” strategy helps thousands of business leaders worldwide succeed at home.

Jim promises your audience will leave compelled to connect more deeply with their children and spouse. He offers them a framework for relationships, enhanced by plans and tools that make improvement in the relationships fast, effective, and sustainable. In fact, most audience members take the first steps toward positive action before leaving the event!




Simple, structured activities you share with your children or spouse that create deep connections and meaningful interactions. Rhythms can include:

  • Pizza Friday
  • Board Game Night
  • Date Night
  • Service & Gratitude Day
  • 1:1 Board Meeting
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For true connection, Jim teaches us how to engage in the education of our children.

Whether public, private, or home-schooled, Jim shares how to educate your children in areas of financial intelligence, relationship skills, and personal development.

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Family Board Meetings periodically hosts retreats and events for a parent and child to attend together.

Events are a mix of adventure, learning, and relationship discovery that are specifically integrated to open up relationships to deeper connection, communication, and care.

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