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David Bach, 11-time National Best Selling Author, and Speaker says, “Jim’s teaching and the principles of Family Board Meetings concept exceeded anything I could have hoped for in my wildest imagination. I’m already super close to my son, probably like you’re already super close to your kids. But this gave Jack and me the opportunity to bond in a way we’ve never bonded before. I feel closer to him; you can’t put a price tag on that.”


The messages, challenges and insights Jim Sheils brings to both his keynote and 10-minute talk have directly impacted thousands of entrepreneurs. With practical and immediately executable concepts, Jim has helped his audiences see near-instant and remarkable results in re-connecting with their children and spouses.

People refer to Jim as “Crazy Glue” for entrepreneur families. His popular “Board Meeting” strategy helps thousands of business leaders worldwide continue to succeed at home.

Jim promises your audience will leave compelled to connect more deeply with their children and spouse. He offers them a framework for relationships, enhanced by plans and tools that make improvement in the relationships fast, effective, and sustainable. In fact, many audience members take the first steps toward positive action before leaving the event!

Available for hour-long keynote presentations, workshop-style talks, or private retreat trainings, Jim Sheils is sure to inspire, challenge and set in motion your audience and team.

Topics include:

  • 18 Summers: How to Make the Most of the Time You’ve Got

  • The Family Board Meeting: Reconnect and Deepen The Relationships with Your Children

  • Pizza Friday: Using Service and Contribution to Teach Our Children Confidence & Purpose

  • The Education Matrix: How to Ensure Your Kids are Getting the Important Lessons Not Taught in School

Advisors Excel, Kansas City, 2017 
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Private Coaching


As an entrepreneur, finding the right coach and mentor who has been where you want to go is the most effective way to achieve your desired outcome. Jim Sheils is available for 1:1 private coaching on a limited basis. Whether uncertain of where to begin or if you would like an advanced, personal guide to the Life Matrix and other tools to achieve deeper connection, contact Jim about a private coaching structure that meets you where you are today and brings you quickly to where you want to be.  Jim’s expertise and practical FBM structure have proven itself time and time again.

Team Consulting


Teams that implement FBM tools and practices in their homes frequently report that the work team experiences a boost in productivity, morale, and overall efficiency.

Just as as in their homes, trust, communication, and loyalty rise exponentially as a result of Jim’s work.  When we prioritize our homes, the work environment improves dramatically.

Private Events


Jim Sheils and the Family Board Meeting team can craft a custom experience for your family, company team or group of friends and their families. With just a few short discovery and coaching sessions, the FBM team develops a unique experience designed with your goals and outcomes in mind.

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