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Are you trusting in the government and social security for your retirement? Do you hand over your financial portfolio to your broker and never go back and ask questions and get a report? Of course not.

Yet, that is all too often what happens with our children and their education. We drop them off at kindergarten and leave it up to the government to educate them. And even for those children that are in private school, how truly aware are you about all that is being taught, and not being taught?

Family Board Meetings’ philosophy is that none of the current education models, including public, private, or home schooling adequately prepare your child for life with subjects like Financial Intelligence, Relationship Skills, or Personal Development.

These three specific areas make up our Life Education Framework. This framework is designed to complement your student’s current education structure to be better prepared for life and business.

Financial Intelligence


Students are not taught basic financial intelligence today. The FBM Education Framework includes concepts and practices around entrepreneurship, money and how it works, sales, ROI (etc.), to help promote understanding and control of finances.

Personal Development


Building well-rounded, responsible students is the ultimate goal.  Learning about purpose and meaning, passion and unique talents, mindset (among many other things), helps people find clarity and puts them on the path to persistent meaningful growth and learning.

Relationship Skills


Communication and interaction are quickly becoming a lost art in the digital age.  The FBM Education Framework teaches building rapport, listening, resolving conflict and asking for help.  It's easy to create deep relationships when you know what matters.

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